Join us from home

Front room fitness

Whilst at home, why not take part in our latest fitness series from the comfort of your living room? The National Centre's training team have created a Circus Fitness at Home playlist for those of you looking for unique and creative ways to keep fit during lockdown.

See the first of trainer Alice's challenges below.

Circus Fitness at Home

Our Circus Fitness at Home YouTube playlist is updated weekly. Get started with the first few challenges!

Playlist: Circus Fitness at Home

Handstand preparation exercises

If you're looking to build up your strength to be able to do handstands we’ve created another YouTube playlist of six exercises selected from our #30DayCircusChallenge designed to help you prep yourself to begin handstand balancing. These challenges aim to strengthen your core, developing your skills in maintaining balance and control.

Playlist: Handstand Preparation Exercises